Two inches of Closed Cell spray foam applied to exterior walls of a factory in Detroit.

A cone shaped cathedral sprayed with open cell spray foam above a beautiful waterfall fireplace.  A beautiful log home built by Charlie Wagner of Michigan Log Homes.

Closed cell spray foam insulation at a local fish farm.  In the start of this video you will see 2 inches applied to the OSB ceiling to provide not only insulation but a vapor barrier.  2 inches was applied throughout the building on the walls and ceiling, as well as the new fish tanks.  Some applied on top the flat steel from inside the attic space.


4170 US 23 South
Alpena, MI 49707

Open Cell spray foam being applied to the exterior walls of a garage.

Open Cell spray foam being sprayed to the roof inside the harbor side mall. 

Closed cell spray foam sprayed to the block wall of a crawlspace.  6mm visqueen is layed first, we tie the visqueen right in with the foam of the walls.  In this particular case on wall of the crawlspace was interior and not requiring insulation, however along the interior wall the visqueen is still spray foamed to the wall.

Closed Cell spray foam applied to the exterior walls as well as the sliding doors of a pole barn.   In such cases any work benches  or machinery that cant be moved away from the walls is covered with plastic to protect from over-spray during the installation of the spay foam.

A monster house done with open cell spray foam on the exterior and Roxul on the interior walls.  The ceiling was later done with blown AttiCat insulation.

A new enclosed trailer we pulled the wall panels off and furred out with hat track to give us room to spray 2 inches of closed cell spray foam on the walls and ceiling.  this trailer will become a replacement for one of our spray foam trailers.

Closed Cell spray foam being applied to the roof deck during a remodel.  Due to the studs on the roof only being 2x4 closed cell was used to get as much R-Value into the lid as possible.